About AV Rental Solutions

At AV Rental Solutions, we pride ourselves on offering our creativity, service, and experience to our clients at reasonable rates. Our team specializes in a variety of situations; given our unparalleled expertise and massive inventory, we can produce unique events for anyone, anywhere. Whether you need it now for a day or next year for a week, whether your message goes out to a room of two or twenty thousand, your success and ultimate satisfaction are guaranteed.

Having successfully worked with clients ranging from the governmental to the pharmaceutical, our references weave a first-class tapestry. AV Rental Solutions always seeks to develop long-lasting relationships with our partners, so we will do whatever it takes to perfect the environment you require. Our staff receives intensive training and our equipment is constantly refreshed and updated.

No matter the size of your event, at least one member of our team will be assigned to work specifically with you to develop a comprehensive plan to meet their needs. Everything is taken into consideration: the type of event, the partners, the venue, current suppliers, venue location and history, even the weather is a factor in determining the best way to set up your event. AV Rental Solutions is a full service rental & staging partner combining cutting edge technology with a professional creative team with the skills and acumen to flawlessly deliver your next event.

  • Over 200 years of combined experience.
  • A World-class creative team of Producers, Technical Directors, Creative Designers
  • Cutting edge capabilities centered around the latest emergent technologies.
  • Nation-wide inventory locations minimizing freight and transit costs.

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